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This was possible after appealing for saving and planting trees to people through social media. We conducted tree plantation drive in presence of our honorable IC, of Farakka Police Station. This was the very first attempt of plantation drive in Farakka region, organized by an environmental organization like us. Along with the plantation drive we continue generating environmental awareness among common people.
Gach Green Hands Social Welfare Trust has now successfully broadened the horizen of their Nature based work from Farakka to the other parts of the state West Formation of 'Gacher Iskul' was a humble outcome of our Nature-based philosophy.The education for mother's project was a small effort made towards making them economically a bit more stable.We believe that during the tenure of the last four years ( from 2019 to 2023) we have been successful in making an impact in the thought process of people regarding the environmental conservation.

  • We wish to carry on with our tree-plantation drive and keep people updated with facts and figures through our campaigning on environmental awareness.
  • We are committed to conserve the huge repository of native trees (including the rare ones) from rural Bengal and return them to the environment by creating new saplings.
  • Economic stability is important to sustain a firm Green-Culture. In order to establish and maintain a deep rooted green-culture in the society, we wish to economically empower the children and the women of the marginalized communities by developing nurseries, by creating organic farms and also by creating eco-friendly handicrafts. This green-economy will make these communities financially independent.
  • We wish to involve scientific aptitude and scope of research in protecting environment. We wish to investigate on various means to reduce carbon–footprint in our daily life.
  • We wish to establish more “Tree School” in remote and backward areas of rural Bengal. These schools will function towards the goal of developing environmentally aware and sensitive young generation alongside the primary education.
  • By 2025,we intend to purchase land for setting up a school with an eco-friendly campus. To make the local community (including children) tech savvy, we need to develop a computer lab. We wish to construct a library not only to cater to the academic need of children but also to inspire them to explore various areas of knowledge.

Our aim is Spread Green Culture.

We commenced our journey from 5 June, 2019 on the occasion of World Environment Day, by planting 30 saplings.

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Amidst the pandemic hit time in 2021, an exodus of school drop outs was observed in various parts of rural India. Most of the Tribal communities couldn’t afford to provide their children with the luxury of virtual lessons. We tried our level best to provide an alternative to these children by constructing ‘Anirvana Gacher Iskul’, an open air school under the shades of trees. The idea behind the birth of the school was not only to keep the children under the purview of the formal education system, but also to develop them as environmentally sensitive human being. We started with 5 children and now the present strength is 80. The government schools were shut down. Mid-day-meal scheme also came to a standstill. Our trust took up the challenge of providing mid-day-meal to those children. We catered to the need of the children who belong to a tribal hamlet (Shamlapur in Bahadurpur area under block Farakka) in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. At present, as the classes happen in the morning hours, we provide simple breakfast to the children. Here we try to inculcate a basic sense of environmental awareness in the young learners from the very childhood.

We conduct weekly lessons for the mothers of these children to bring them under the purview of literacy. These lessons for mothers are conducted not only to ensure primary education, but also to give them an emotional support. A healthy and educated mother can go a long way in influencing her child’s health and education.

We have planted and donated more than 3500 trees in various parts of West Bengal till date. We are careful to select mostly the native varieties of trees which can grow easily in the local terrain. These trees play a crucial role not only consolidating the soil particles and help reducing soil erosion but also to act as nesting site for birds and insects and thus maintaining ecological balance. We donate fruit bearing trees to the children and women with a hope that these trees will also fulfill their nutritional demand of these rural communities to certain extent.

Inception of ‘Edha’ —- a self-help group.This group works with marginalized women in creating eco-friendly products.As a result, the women got a slight economic hike. We hope this project will flourish adequately in days to come.

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