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Anirvana Gacher Iskul is an open air school for tribal children run by Gach Green Hands Welfare Trust. This is a school, where children not only learn the various subjects under the government curriculum but also learn to fall in love with Mother Nature and the basics of environmental protection with hands on experiences


Anirvana means ‘Inextinguishable’.

We believe each of these tribal children is an inextinguishable flame of the lamp of immense possibilities. One day they will spread their green hands to make the world a better place.

Amidst the pandemic stricken time in 2021, an exodus of school drop outs was observed in various parts of rural Bengal. Most of the tribal communities couldn’t afford to provide their children with the luxury of virtual lessons. Moreover these children were readily available for child labour.We tried our level best to provide an alternative to these children by constructing ‘Anirvana Gacher Iskul’, an open air school under the shades of trees.

We started with 5 children and now the present strength is 80.The government schools were shut down. Mid-day-meal scheme also came to a standstill. Our trust took up the challenge of providing mid-day-meal to those children. We cater to the need of the children who belong to a hamlet ( Shamlapur in Bahadurpur area under block Farakka) of Murshidabad district of West Bengal. At present, as the classes happen in the morning hours, we provide simple breakfast to the children.
Here we try to inculcate a basic sense of environmental awareness in the young learners from the very childhood.
Alongside studies, we provide an opportunity for children to learn drawing, artwork, dance, music and sports in a free ambience to ensure their holistic development.